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For over 30 years John Michael Grogan has been helping individuals and organizations aim higher to reach their true potential. Are you ready to be inspired? John Michael can help you discover how to achieve a more productive and fulfilling role in today’s dynamic world.

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Reinvention Workshop

Transition your life from good to exceptional in just 30 Days! We can help you reinvent yourself with our tested, proven principles.

Events & Public Speaking

Engage Grogan Global for your next company retreat or training exercise. John Michael will inspire your audience with his unique wisdom, wit and inspirational teaching.

Mentoring Programs

John Michael believes a person who commits to a mission will always outwork, out earn, and out last the person who merely commits to a job.


When life throws you a curve, you need a good laugh (with a point to it) to pick you up. John Michael’s stories will lift your spirits, get you laughing, and help you refocus on what’s important.

John Michael reveals how he discovered he needed to make changes in his own life. He shares the principles you need to follow to steer your life in a new, more positive direction, and how you’ll find greater peace and productivity in the process.

John Michael offers wisdom, knowledge and understanding from a Biblical perspective, providing specific examples and insights on how to live a more peaceful and effective life. These strategies will help you reduce the stress and confusion of everyday life.

Happy Clients

“I met John Michael when he was teaching Sunday School. I found his candor, honesty and wisdom to be inspiring. He is highly personable and a natural teacher. Through the application of Biblical principals and his own experiences, he has helped me become a stronger, more confident leader and a better person.”

- Doug Egleston, Delta Airlines Captain


“John Michael Grogan is such an amazing person and I am truly inspired by the words of wisdom and insights that were simple and direct. I will never be the same and I will always be grateful.”

Ronald Jasmin, CEO Metropolitan Services


“Simply Amazing inspiring the keys to greatness and tools to make your life a masterpiece.”

Linda Collins